Devotional Art

Clear Vision ©2017

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Hagar has every reason to feel God has abandoned her, but she still cries out in the wilderness and asks God to not let her look on the death of her child. She’s not asking for much. All she asks is for God to hold back tragedy from her.

God opens her eyes and she finds a well of water and nurtures her son. She nourishes a great nation. She carries the weight of a nation on her shoulders. For me, Hagar is an icon of strength and sustenance in those dry desert places. She is a well for her son and for many. In the image her hair waves and becomes the water that keeps her and Ishmael alive.

Her eyes are saturated and full, holding the grace that God so freely offered her, the grace that humanity withheld from her. The pattern of her garments echo her clear vision, and the many people of the great nation she holds shimmer around Ishmael’s face like countless stars in the sky.”

The archival fine art paper print comes in 10x10 and 20x20 with an inch white border for ease of matting and framing. Be sure to select the flat print delivery option according to the size of your order. Your print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Printed to order. Please allow around 2 weeks for local printing, hand packaging, and shipping.

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