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Tangled Blessing ©2017

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The biggest question I have when reading this text is, ‘With whom or with what is Jacob wrestling?’ The wrestling happens so suddenly and so ambiguously. The scripture reads, ‘Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak’ (Gen 32:24). Is Jacob alone? Who is the man? Is Jacob dreaming again? Just prior to this, Jacob sends all of these buffers ahead of him to shield him from the anger of Esau, the brother he wronged (Gen 32:2-21). Jacob’s trickery, deceit, and guilt wrestle with him until dawn. He will not let go of these things until he is blessed. For Jacob, this experience is an intimate, face-to-face moment with God. In a lot of ways, I think Jacob confronts, and wrestles with, himself, and he limps away with a new name.

The archival fine art paper print comes in 10x10 and 20x20 with an inch white border for ease of matting and framing. Be sure to select the flat print delivery option according to the size of your order. Your print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Printed to order. Please allow around 2 weeks for local printing, hand packaging, and shipping.

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