Devotional Art

They Stood ©2018

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I imagine the daughters had to fill the entire tent in order to be heard. I imagine Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah took the shape of the tent of meeting, a place where they were met by powerful men, a place of sacrifice and worship—not a place where a woman’s voice was often heard. The text says the women came forward; they stood, they spoke, they questioned, and they even demanded. Any one of those actions alone is difficult for the unseen and unheard. All they wanted was to receive the inheritance of their father and to keep his name from fading. I’m sure the pain of their father’s death was potent, but they needed to be recognized, valued, and seen as human beings in order to survive.

The archival fine art paper print comes with an inch white border for ease of matting and framing. Comes in 16x20 and 11x14. Your print will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Printed to order. Please allow around 2 weeks for local printing, hand packaging, and shipping.

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