Devotional Art
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Let There Be © 2016


Acrylic & Ink on Canvas



The creation narrative in Genesis cries out to me as an affirmation of everyone’s creative voice. God literally speaks creation into being. God’s words result in the swirling out of light and water and sky and earth and fruit and trees and stars and winged birds and sea monsters and cattle and creeping things and wild animals and humankind and rest. This kaleidoscope of astounding creativity comes spinning and rippling out of God’s creative voice. How powerful the creative mind is. How powerful it is when it is unleashed and shared with the world.

Genesis 1 has always moved in a radial fashion in my imagination. I decided to create rippling rings of creation, one building on the next, to show that the work of creation is not finished with God’s rest—the work continues. The work of creation doesn't end with Jesus' death—he still lives. The new creation has just begun to unfurl. We are called into the active and often difficult work of creating beauty in the world. Our act of continuing God’s creation is the act of bringing justice into the world. Beauty begets beauty.

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